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Dr.med. Kerstin Joost


Sri Lanka Calling - by Dr. Kerstin Joost

Life doesn't always happen the way you expect
Sri Lanka: a pearl in the Indian Ocean. Or is it a tear? For many years, Kerstin Joost has been drawn to this tropical country. Each time she follows its call, it feels like coming home. When she's offered a chance to live and work in a beach hotel in the southern part of the country, it seems her heart's desire has been fulfilled. Without hesitation, she gives up everything and leaves her home to begin a new, exciting chapter in her life. This adventure starts beautifully but soon brings unexpected surprises, heartbreak, and life lessons. The end result is quite different from what she had dreamt of, but in the end, it brings her home - to herself.

Kerstin Joost is a trained doctor and homeopath, as well as a qualified teacher in the Diana Cooper School of White Light. She offers coaching, seminars, and workshops on a variety of subjects, including unicorns, Golden Atlantis, and angels. This is her first book, with which she hopes to inspire people to live their dreams and encourage them to get up again after a stroke of harsh fate, and to go on with life, stronger than before.